Role on fitbit work

Responsibilities I had as product designer included research planning and facilitation, feature definition, persona development, experience flows, sketches, wireframes and prototyping (invision/flinto/ I collaborated with a visual designer for look and feel, visualization styles and final visual execution.

Dashboard Re-Design

Over the course of a year, I lead a major re-design project for Fitbit's web product that supports viewing of data collected from its hardware devices (wireless activity trackers or Wi-Fi scales). The goal was to better support customization for users that head very different goals from one another, whether to lose weight, be more active, eat better, etc. A second goal was to make the Fitbit dashboard scalable to support new hardware product features. The designs below of the two intermediate steps to get the current design that is in Beta and launched Summer 2013. We are currently working on refinements based on the beta feedback and to support new information needs. The Beta dashboard is live at: for all new logged in Fitbit users.

Beta Dashboard (live late 2013)

Expanded States of Selected Small Tiles from Beta Dashboard

Original Dashboard (2011) and Interim Dashboard - Day View and Month Views (2012)

Fitbit iOS App Re-Design

In addition to working on the Fitbit website and user dashboard, I also worked on improving the mobile app dashboard and navigation paradigm. Its original state had tiles of content that users could not engage with and were forced to use the bottom tabbed navigation. Over time, our tabbed navigation outgrew our content and users often had to go into our app's More tab to be able to use daily features. To say the least, it was sub-optimal. To land at our current design, I designed and prototyped many different variations to play through different ways our app's navigation could change to be more scalable. The final design was a great improvement over the former version as it consolidated our tab structure and supported a more intuitive interaction of tapping on dashboard content to see more about it.

iOS 7 App with New Navigation Architecture

Interior Sections accessed by tapping a dashboard tile

Interim Dashboard and Original Dashboard

Aria WiFi Scale Setup and Interactive Experience

As the first interaction design at Fitbit, the Aria scale project was one of the first Fitbit hardware products I could leverage my design process to improve. I contributed on both the online tools, primarily new weight features such as an interactive weight and body fat graph, as well as a daily weight tile on the Fitbit dashboard. I also conducted out of box research to gauge how clear the setup process was for external people that had no context of what the scale did or how it worked. My research, prototyping and design recommendations greatly improved the end product.