WikiReaders 4 Kids

April 2013 - February 2014
I am the organizer of a project to bring WikiReaders (offline battery-operated devices running Wikipedia) to schools. I found out a year ago, that these devices didn't sell to their intended audience, the first world device saturated and internet-connected population and there were 20,000 of them sitting in a manufacturer's warehouse in Taiwan. I raised funds on Indiegogo and received a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation to run a $10,000, 3-month pilot in three schools - India, South Africa and Mexico. The pilot wraps up in February 2014 and if successful, will be the rationale for raising a second round of funds to buy the remaining 19,000 devices.

Rewinery Wine Delivery Service 

As a new transplant to the Bay Area, I quickly became immersed in all of the startup services that were blossoming to connect people with things. I discovered a mobile wine delivery service called Rewinery that was just starting up. I thought the service was such a great idea since it used bike messengers - abundant in SF and connected a wine-loving population with the convenience of wine delivery within an hour. As I used the service, I immediately had feedback to improve the design of the mobile app and supporting website. I collaborated with the Co-founder to improve the experience for the first year the product was out.
 The app is available currently from the iTunes store here.